Saturday, 3 July 2010

Dividing lines & Arcs Part 1

OK,I thought I would start with an easy one but this is something I got asked twice last week so I thought it worth publishing.

The question is: Is there a divide command to split a line into segments (like I used to do in Acad)?

The answer is,, (as all my answers tend to be) both No and Yes.

The No: Revit doesn't have a divide command like we used to do in Acad.
The Yes: It can be done and you have a couple of options as I see it.

To divide a straight line perhaps the easiest way is to simply use some additional construction lines and the dimension tool to get to where you want to be.

Simply draw some temporary lines on both ends of the line you wish to divide. These can be model or detail lines.

Next draw more lines in which roughly divide the line into the required number of sections.

Next simply dimension the lines and hit the EQ logo above the dimension string.

This now shows you the locations of the equal divisions of the original line. OK it hasn't split the line for you but it should be enough for most purposes. 

The same can be done with arcs: The only difference would be to draw the lines from the arcs centre point. The easiest way to find the centre point is to select the arc, go to its element properties and tick Centre Mark Visible.

Perhaps a faster and more flexible method is to use the array command to achieve the same results which I will cover in my next post.