About this Blog

After working with Revit for 4 years now I have picked up a lot of knowledge and know-how through using the product on a daily basis  as well as through the many on-line blogs and websites dedicated to the subject of Revit. I would not like to estimate the amount of time I have spend reading on the subject but I think I can safely say its lots!. So know I feel it is about time I actively participate in the debate and hopefully be able to give a little back to the community.

Working as a qualified Architect in the UK and using Revit in a full production environment for the past 4 years I have picked up lots of tips, tricks and differing work-flows along the way. To date, most of this knowledge is kept either stored somewhere in my head, scribbled in one of my many workbooks or more often than not stored away somewhere on one of my many machines. Either way, this knowledge is not very useful unless its shared with others. Therefore this blog is my attempt to organise and record my knowledge, thoughts and idea around the subject of Revit to be shared with the wider Revit community.

Acting as our local office Revit specialist I am regularly asked questions on a whole range of topics from the straight forward how to type questions to some pretty advanced problem solving and complex workflow issues. As such this blog will hopefully cover a full range of topics for all Revitiers from the first time users to the advanced Revit super users.