Friday 6 May 2011

Fake Revision Clouds in Revit

Well, I said I would post didn't I so here it is:

Ever wanted to add a revision bubble to a drawing in Revit to highlight something on a drawing but not actually add a revision to the sheets? Its one of those things that we used to do in AutoCAD but Revit seems to be almost too smart and doesn't let you do it. A good example of this would be say if you wanted to highlight something on a drawing is in abeyance. Well Revit;s detail line tools don't have a cloud option but there is a nice workaround.

  • Use the standard Revision Cloud command from the Annotate tab to sketch your cloud.

  • Before you finish the command, select all the cloud lines and copy to clipboard using the button highlighted below.

  • Now cancel the command using the red X. You will get the following dialogue box. Hit yes.

  • Now, from the Annotate tab select Detail Line, and rather than try draw the cloud simply select Paste Aligned to Current View from the Paste button drop down which is accessed via the little arrow highlighted below.

  • Hey presto, Detail Cloud lines as requested and no actual revision on the sheets. Nice.

I wish I would take credit for this but in actually fact it was my colleague sat next to me who figured this out today. Nice one Nat. :) 


  1. you could do the same with a filled region. Which would keep it as a single entity. Just make the filled region a solid fill pattern at 100 %transparency.

  2. how the same(revision cloud) will be created using c# programmatically?
    thank you

  3. Just what we needed! Thanks!